The Founder’s Message

Founder and CEO of both AIBrain and CrossCert


CrossCert was founded as the first electronic certification authority in Korea on March 17, 1999. Since then, it has been following its own way during the past 20 years.

As the only VeriSign affiliate in Korea since September 1, 1999. It began offering its global CA certificates from January 1, 2000. As the only global certification authority in Korea, it has been the leading provider of SSL certificates covering 60% of Korean market in revenue since 2000. On the other hand, as one of the five government certified Certification Authorities in Korea since 2002, it has also issued the government certified Korean certificates in both individual and corporate customers. Its current market share of corporate certificates exceeds about 32% of the Korean market.

Within the first year since founding, it obtained the total funding of US$20M from the investors including Softbank, VeriSign and in 2000. CrossCert was the first company in Korea obtaining funding from SoftBank.

CrossCert was the first certification authority in Korea which went IPO at KOSDAQ, Korea stock exchange in November 2010. In Korea, the term “electronic certification” is more widely used than “digital certification”, which was originated from its native Korean name “Korea Electronic Certification Authority”. CrossCert is currently recognized as one of the most trusted online brands in Korea.

After its IPO in 2010, CrossCert began globalizing its business by investing to its AI subsidiary, AIBrain Inc. in Palo Alto, California the total of 10 million dollars since 2012. AIBrain has continually grown as one of top 20 AI companies according to Datamation in September 2016. AIBrain continually expands its global base to Shenzhen, China and Berlin, Germany in 2017.

In parallel to AIBrain’s global expansion, CrossCert decided to set up a global base in Berlin, Germany, by incorporating its global company named Turing Crypto Intelligence.

Based on its current leadership earned in Asia Pacific region for the past 18 years, CrossCert and Turing Crypto Intelligence together will grow to be a world security leader in the next decade.

Moreover, CrossCert’s security services will be significantly advanced with AIBrain’s AI and machine learning technologies.

Thus, we hope, CrossCert and AIBrain together will contribute to society to be more secure and trusted in the era of AI Revolution.

Thank you.



Richard builds a true AI by unifying cognitive, social and emotional intelligence. Futurable is an effort to gamify AI to simulate life and business to achieve the goal of survival and prosperity. His grand aim is to augment human intelligence with artificial intelligence in order to advance mankind eventually to universal intelligence.
AIBrain, initially started in Seoul, Korea in 1997, was expanded to Palo Alto, California in 2012 and then to Shenzhen, China and Berlin, Germany in 2017. His second company, CrossCert, founded as the first digital certification authority in Korea in 1999, and has grown to a most trusted public company at KOSDAQ, Korea Stock Exchange with the market cap over USD 200 million. He is also the founder of Korea’s first direct insurance company in 2000, which is now AXA Direct Korea.
He earned a bachelor degree in applied mathematics from Seoul National University, a master degree in computer science from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the Georgia Institute of Technology.