I. About Crosscert MPKI

CrossCert’s MPKI (Managed PKI) boasts complete integration of PKI-based authentication service. It allows digital certificate issuance 24/7 not only to the enterprises and individuals, but also routers, servers, and firewall, thereby securing online infrastructure seamlessly.

  •  CrossCert as a globally recognized CA
  • The only Korean CA to partner with DigiCert
  • All our CA services are insured

II. Features Crosscert MPKI

  •  MPKI, a LRA (Local Registration Authority) management system, offers certificate issuance, search, revocation, renewal, as well as certificate lifecycle management.
  •  Enterprises can independently issue and manage certificates with CA/RA authority endowed by CrossCert.
  •  MPKI management is conducted by enterprise’s MPKI control center.
  •  MPKI certificates can be issues both automatically and manually.

III. How it Works


IV. Reference

Pohang Steel Co. (POSCO), LG, Samsung Electronics etc.