Crosscert PKI Differentiator

CrossCert’s PKI ensures data integrity and privacy, user authentication, and decline prevention with its global standard technical specs.

The PKI is comprised of CA (certification authority), RA (registration authority), TSA (time stamping authority, OCSP (online certification status protocol), electronic signature, and encryption toolkit.


I. About CrossCert’s PKI

CrossCert launched the first commercial authentication service in Korea, and has been the only entity to operate certification authority and global CA at the same time with technological excellence and global best practices

CrossCert owns fundamental technology for PKI-based security and authentication, thereby enabling the customers to take advantage of numerous PKI applications and establishing PKI system.

II. Features Crosscert PKI

CrossCert’s PKI-based authentication service ensures data integrity and security, as well as user authentication and decline preventions. Moreover, applied security service can be easily added along with no-plugin authentication service in multi-browser environment.

  • HTML5-based PKI authentication and encryption
  • Certificate login, E-signature, CRL verification
Certificate login system
Online bidding and contract
  • PKI-based authentication and encryption solution for Smartphone
  • Operates on both iOS and Android
Online banking, mobile trading, etc.
  • Time Stamping Solution / Service
  • Electronic signature with time information from CA
Electronic notarization
  • HTML5 secure email solution
Online Bills, Online Taxation
  • Private CA without Installation
CA for Enterprise users

III. How it Works

  • CrossCert PKI CS Suite

Any online business transaction that needs ID verification, transaction decline prevention, encryption can benefit from CrossCert’s PKI solutions. Also, our PKI CS Suite issues and manages global standard-conforming certificates, and maintains the validity (OCSP). The Suite uses certification toolkits to provide libraries that enable PKI-based application development and operation online.



  • CrossCert e-Contract solution

CrossCert’s e-contract solution enables online contracts to avoid contract decline and forgery of documents.application development and operation online.


IV. Reference