CrossCert SSL Differentiator

Unmatched technological expertise and premium service for OV,  Top Market Share for EV.


I. About Crosscert SSL

※ 2017 Digicert APAC Million Dollar Partner Club Award, Best Collaboration Partner Award

SSL is used to encrypt and authenticate the server-client connection from Certificate Authority(CA).

CrossCert is one of DigiCert’s 16 Platinum Elite Partners worldwide. As such, we have maintained the majority market share is the SSL market since 1999.

II. Features Crosscert SSL

  • Top market share in SSL for almost 2 decades
  • Offers all-in-one service
  • DigiCert’s only Platinum Elite Partner in Korea



III. How it Works

Step 1. You type in or select the secure URL (e.g. “”)

Step 2. The web server receives your request and then submits a reply that attempts to establish trusted connection between the web browser and the web server – also called the “SSL handshake.”

Step3. After the SSL certificate is verified through the SSL handshake, the data transferred between the web server and web browser is encrypted to keep it private and secure.

SSL img

IV. Reference