CrossCert BlockChain Differentiators

CrossCert built in-house Blockchain database solution using Ethereum platform to provide public Blockchain service. The clients can now enjoy the data integrity by applying our Blockchain solutions.





I. About Crosscert BlockChain

CrossCert participated in the amendment of Ethereum’s open sources. This means that CrossCert has profound expertise in Blockchain technology. In turn, this enables CrossCert to offer smart contract function through its Blockchain-based.


II. Key Features

Private Blockchain-based distributed DB solutions developed in-housed, in cooperation with Seoul National University

Contributing to Ethereum’s open source

CrossCert participated in the improvement work for Ethereum’s open sources

Profound expertise in the making of our in-house Blockchain solution

High-Speed Algorithm

Non-competitive consensus algorithm

This reduces the reliance on computing power and the traffic volume compared to competitive algorithms like PoW

Suitability to low-speed networks

Smart Contracts

Offered by Blockchain 2.0-based Ethereum

Supports solidity-based development environment


De-Identification in private Blockchain solves performance deterioration and encrypted key management issues that comes from increase in data volume. CrossCert’s Blockchain

Expanded Conditions for Transaction Search

Removing threshold with the existing TxID-based transaction search

Node Authority Management

Managing Access, Search, and use of nodes


III. How it Works

CrossCert’s private Blockchain-based DB platform adots Async method functions to add and search Blockchain transactions. This unique capability is added to prevent transaction holding until data is confirmed, which frequently takes place in low-speed network environment.

Use Case) Blockchain-based customer reward service for local commerce, called Bitcoupon.