Sign online anywhere anytime with the ultimate security.

  • Full-scale portability with Cloud
  • Unmatched information security with Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  • Maximum convenience with biometric authentication (FIDO)
  • High Reliability with FDS (Fraud Detection Service)


CloudSign is a digital signature service that authenticates the user when signing in online. It provides unmatched level of security, convenience, and portability, and allows individuals and organizations to take advantage of its ground-breaking technology at an affordable budget.

CloudSign is a CaaS-based service that securely stores the user’s certificates and the key information used for encryption in a Cloud HSM (Hardware Security Module). The service also provides biometric authentication function for enhanced user convenience, thereby encrypting the user information and their digital signature. CloudSign sets the user free from the possibility of the token loss, e.g. portable hard drive, etc, and allows the users to use the credential information through a simple finger scanning process. This process implements the encryption and the digital signature process. The users can now take advantage of our authentication and encrypted digital signature service in a most convenient and secure way.

Shielding your online identity

Your signature is securely stored in HSM with zero chance of leakage

Full mobility with Cloud

Certificates are stored in cloud, which allows you to sign in online anywhere anytime.

No hassle with the credentials

Finger scanning sets you free from having to memorize login credentials.

You are the only 'YOU' online

Finger scanning also prevents the possibility of identity theft.

No Leakage

Our Hardware Security Module securely stores your public keys and prevents the leakage of your certificate

Sign Anywhere, Everywhere

Your certificate is stored in a secure Cloud server. So you can sign on anywhere, everywhere on your mobile device.

Scan and Go

With a simple fingerprint scan, you can now sign in without a password.

Advanced Security

Dual encryption, coupled with session-key encryption,  protects your online data at an unprecedented level.

How It Works

CloudSign currently offers two major functions: first, it allows the users to store their personal keys and CA-issued certificates (X.509-based) in our safe HSM. And second, it also creates the digital signature information based upon the user’s certification information.